Your consumer’s subconscious

The term “habitat” is used to define a species environmental living space and all the elements it needs to survive: food, water, and shelter. Habitats vary and are crucial to a species survival. A diamondback rattlesnake wouldn’t last any longer in Alaska than a clown fish would last in lake Michigan. If the habitats are threatened or destroyed, the species face extinction. If the habitat isn’t meeting the needs of the population, they will move on to a different habitat.

The term “brand” represents the quintessence of everything associated with your product or service. Your brands DNA is made up of all the elements it needs to survive. How people perceive or interact with your product or services becomes the expectation of your brands personality and what they store in their subconscious minds.

The term “vortex” refers to any site or occurrence created from spiraling motion of air or liquid around a center of rotation. If you’ve been to Sedona and experienced the energy of the vortexes there, then you probably associate a positive image with the word vortex. If you’ve only seen a dust devil swirl around, you may not associate any feelings at all. If you’ve lived through a tornado, your subconscious may instinctively make you feel fear at the mere mention of the word.

Every brand needs a proper habitat to thrive, grow and be experienced.